We offer ongoing opportunities to experience the Hakomi approach. These workshops are stand-alone events in their own right and also form part of the prerequisite for application to the Hakomi Professional Training. Most offer a blend of professional development and personal growth. Workshops vary in length from one to three or four days.

The Art of Allowing – Turning Towards, in Mindfulness

A two-day workshop with Pernilla Siebenfreund, Certified Hakomi Teacher

BRISBANE: Sat 25 Nov—Sun 26 Nov 2017

To become full human beings, and inspire it in others, starts with turning towards what already is here, and allowing it to be just as it is. This simple task is one of the most challenging and difficult aspects of personal growth, spiritual practice and psychotherapy.

Bringing the Child Home: Integrating Child States of Consciousness 

A three-day workshop with Jules Morgaine, Certified Hakomi Trainer

PERTH: Fri 1 Dec—Sun 3 Dec 2017

Through the use of mindfulness, curiosity, playfulness, gentleness and compassion, the Hakomi method of psychotherapy allows us to reach and be with the child consciousness that still lives in the bodymind. In the open space created, within the Hakomi principles of nonviolence and organicity, the decisions and impressions we made as a child can be re-examined and a new story created that better suits who we truly are. Feelings and impulses that were not possible then can be released. We can bring a child aspect that is frozen in an old time and place home to meet the adult that we have become, or want to become. 

“Hakomi Live” – An Exploration of Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy 

A three-day workshop with Hakomi co-founder, Halko Weiss

PERTH: Mon 19 Feb—Wed 21 Feb 2018

This three-day workshop offers an opportunity to observe one of the founders of the Hakomi Institute working with participants who wish to receive such sessions. After some debrief, teaching and feedback there will be experiential group exercises to practice some of the core skills and to experience Hakomi from the inside.