Hakomi Workshop

Bringing the Child Home: Integrating Child States of Consciousness

A two-and-a-half-day workshop with Jules Morgaine, Certified Hakomi Trainer

ADELAIDE: Fri 14 Jul—Sun 16 Jul 2017

The new brain science of memory reconsolidation centres on the surprising discovery of the brain’s ability to delete a specific, unwanted emotional learning, including core, non-conscious beliefs and schemas, at the level of the physical, neural synapses that encode it in emotional memory. Ecker

Hakomi founder Ron Kurtz called the child the mapmaker. The beliefs about self, other and the world, adopted long ago when we were little and vulnerable, continue to influence us as adults, not always in ways that work for us now.

Through the use of mindfulness, curiosity, playfulness, gentleness and compassion, the Hakomi method of psychotherapy allows us to reach and be with the child consciousness that still lives in the bodymind. In the open space created, within the Hakomi principles of nonviolence and organicity, the decisions and impressions we made as a child can be re-examined and a new story created that better suits who we truly are. Feelings and impulses that were not possible then can be released. We can bring a child aspect that is frozen in an old time and place home to meet the adult that we have become, or want to become.

This three-day workshop will offer an opportunity to experience the Hakomi method of psychotherapy. It is an experiential workshop in which we will be using mindfulness-based practice and techniques of Hakomi to work with core organising beliefs held within child state of consciousness. It will be suitable for both those working therapeutically with others and those wishing to deepen their own self understanding. It also meets pre-requisite for undertaking Hakomi professional training.

Date and Times
Friday 14 July, 6.30 pm — 9.30 pm
Saturday 15 July, 9.30 am — 5.30 pm
Sunday 16 July, 9.30 am — 4.30 pm

$350 Each for a group of 3 or more enrolling together
$375 Early Bird by 2 June
$415 Thereafter

Sophia (Conference Centre)
225 Cross Rd
Cumberland Park SA

For registration details, please download the workshop brochure.