Hakomi Workshop

Deep Listening in Loving Presence: An Introduction to Hakomi

A one-day workshop with Pernilla Siebenfreund, Certified Hakomi Therapist & Trainer

BRISBANE: Sat 16 May, 9:30 am—5:30 pm










 “If our clients could resolve their issues by using their willpower, and conscious, rational processes, they would have already done so” 
Marilyn Morgan

Clients often present with issues that stem from neurobiological patterns that developed in the very beginning of their lives. During this time, the learning happens in the relational interchange – right brain to right brain – between the child and their care giver. It happens without conscious awareness and the learning is stored in implicit memory where it can’t be accessed through rational processes.

In order to create an environment where these deeply held emotional and social habits can be transformed and integrated, the therapist needs to cultivate the capacity to attune to the client in a right brain to right brain resonance. This is a practice of deep listening in mindfulness with loving presence, and forms the essence of the healing relationship.

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of how to cultivate this healing relationship, to become an instrument for therapeutic change and emotional regulation.


  • Learn about the five underpinning principles of Hakomi
  • Experience and practice loving presence
  • Understand how mindfulness is applied in Hakomi
  • Learn and practice the fundamental skills of the healing relationship
  • Observe a live Hakomi session

This workshop offers an opportunity to get a taste of Hakomi Mindfulness-Centred Psychotherapy. It consists of talks, experiential exercises, discussion and personal reflections.It also qualifies as a prerequisite for undertaking Hakomi professional training.

This workshop will provide 6 hours for Continuing Professional Development Programs.

Dates & Times:
Sat 16 May 2020:       9:30am — 5:30pm

Super Early Bird (paid by 13th March 2020): $249
Early Bird (paid by 15th April 2020): $295
Standard (paid after 15th April 2020): $349
Full time students: $225
No cancellations or refunds after 1 May 2019

Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea provided

Mercy Place, Macrae Rd at 371 Simpson Rd, Bardon



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