Hakomi Workshop

Hakomi in the Fishbowl: Experience Live Sessions

A three-day workshop with Halko Weiss, PhD, Co-Founder and Senior Trainer of the Hakomi Institutes in the US, Germany, New Zealand and Australia

SYDNEY: Fri 22 Feb—Sun 24 Feb 2019











This masterclass style workshop gives participants the opportunity to directly experience the power and subtlety of the Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy approach by observing a master Hakomi therapist provide live sessions. Halko will offer three to four live sessions each day, with each session followed by discussion and debrief of the therapy process. You may simply observe or choose to opt in for a live session.

Hakomi is a refined method of mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy with a specific set of techniques.  It also provides a framework for how to be in the role of therapist with compassion as well as holding a mindful, curious attitude towards our clients and ourselves.

During this workshop, you can expect to directly observe skills that you can immediately integrate into current psychotherapy practice, including:

  • Using mindfulness to go beyond talk therapy
  • Contacting rather than questioning to deepen the exploration process
  • Tracking information on the edge of awareness and using this information to deepen the therapeutic process
  • Conducting little experiments in mindfulness to open into core material
  • Including the body as a tool to enter into formative experiences
  • Techniques for processing core material and providing missing experiences

Observing live sessions will give you an understanding and felt sense of the overall Hakomi process as a method for therapeutic change and transformation of core belief systems.

This workshop will be of value to therapists, counsellors and other health care practitioners who are interested in learning more about Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy or who are considering further training in the method, as well as individuals interested in experiencing the Hakomi approach.


Friday 22 February to Sunday 24 February: 10am – 5.30pm

1 DAY: Early Bird (paid by 4 Jan) $345, Thereafter, $395
2 DAY: Early Bird (paid by 4 Jan) $525, Thereafter, $575
3 DAY: Early Bird (paid by 4 Jan) $695, Thereafter, $765

Please specify which day/s you will be attending.
All prices include GST.  No cancellations or refunds after 15th February 2019.

Crows Nest Centre, 2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest.
Morning and afternoon tea provided

Each workshop day will provide 5 hours for Continuing Professional Development programs.
This workshop is an ACA Recognised Professional Development event
(ACA members generally receive 2 OPD points per 1 hour of training).

Please contact Karen Baikie (organiser), below.