Hakomi Workshop

“Hakomi Live” – An Exploration of Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy 

A three-day workshop with Hakomi co-founder, Halko Weiss

PERTH: Mon 19 Feb—Wed 21 Feb 2018











The Hakomi Method has pioneered the pervasive use of mindfulness in psychotherapy. It focuses on the body as an expression of implicit memory (the unconscious), where we store what was learned about life early on and how we learned it.

Mindfulness guides us to gently explore those deepest levels inside, understand and accept ourselves. Transformational processes happen from our own impulses to grow rather than from being coaxed along by the therapist.

This three-day workshop offers an opportunity to observe one of the founders of the Hakomi Institute working with participants who wish to receive such sessions. After some debrief, teaching and feedback there will be experiential group exercises to practice some of the core skills and to experience Hakomi from the inside.

You will learn:

  • several basic Hakomi skills, like, the use of mindfulness to explore the psyche,
  • to understand how such a therapeutic process evolves from a mindful state and from relating to the body,
  • to understand how a Hakomi Therapist reflects and micro-manages the process as well as the therapeutic relationship,
  • and you have a chance to experience the Hakomi Method yourself.

This workshop is designed for both those with previous experience of Hakomi and those interested in learning more about this method and/or considering applying for the Hakomi Professional Skills training due to begin in Perth in June 2018.