Hakomi Workshop

The Joy of Re-Connection – Using the Organic Self as a Resource for Healing

A three-day workshop with Jules Morgaine, Certified Hakomi Trainer

BRISBANE: Fri 1 Jun—Sun 3 Jun 2018










Within us all there is a natural Organic impulse towards our wholeness and connectedness to self and life. This impulse supports the Organic Self, the most pure expression of our humanness, to lead us towards our own truth and unique experience of our being.

Our developmental experiences inevitably contain many cumulative incidents of wounding within which our needs are not met sufficiently. In order to protect one’s self from the pain of this the Self becomes fragmented into limiting parts that continue to unconsciously inform our sense of who we are and our expectations of life.

While it is important to understand the source of fragmentation, in locating and re-embodying our Organic Self, a powerful source of wisdom, we free the Organic impulse to create the energy that may lead us towards our wholeness. The process of healing becomes effortless and joyful.

In this workshop, using the principles and techniques of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, we will explore:

  • Mindfulness as a means to reconnect with and embody the Organic Self
  • Use of the body/somatic experience as a source of guidance for healing
  • Ways to facilitate expression of the Organic impulse as a creative and intentional process
  • Celebration of ‘wholeness’ as a natural state of being

This is an experiential workshop in which participants can expect to both explore the material personally and develop solid skills for facilitating healing with others.



Dates & Times

Friday 1 June 2018: 9.30am — 5.30pm
Saturday 2 June 2018: 10.00am — 5.30pm
Sunday 3 June 2018: 9.30am — 3.30pm


Super Early Bird: $499 before 17 March 2018
Early Bird: $549 before 14 April 2018
Thereafter: $599
Full time student $399
No cancellation refunds after May 18th 2018


Mercy Place, Macrae Rd at 371 Simpson Rd, Bardon
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