Hakomi Workshop

The Art of Allowing – Turning Towards, in Mindfulness

A two-day workshop with Pernilla Siebenfreund, Certified Hakomi Teacher

BRISBANE: Sat 25 Nov—Sun 26 Nov 2017










“The basic work of health professionals in general, and of psychotherapists in particular, is to become full human beings and to inspire full human-beingness in other people who feel starved about their lives.”  Chögyam Trungpa

To become full human beings, and inspire it in others, starts with turning towards what already is here, and allowing it to be just as it is. This simple task is one of the most challenging and difficult aspects of personal growth, spiritual practice and psychotherapy.

Being with our own experiences, and those of another’s, in a healing and meaningful way, requires deep compassion, kind curiosity and infinite patience. It also requires enough internal resources and resiliency to hold and digest those experiences.

The Hakomi method fosters the capacity to slow down and meet these many aspects of human experience. By its gentle, and loving approach, of allowing and turning towards the present moment, the innate, and deep organic healing impulse can be detected and supported.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn skills to turn towards present moment experience for your self and others
  • Explore different channels of human experience
  • Expand your capacity to be with the present moment
  • Learn how to connect with loving presence
  • Discover how your body talks to you
  • Observe a live Hakomi session

This workshop will include talks, experiential exercises, discussions and reflections. It’s suitable for those working therapeutically with clients, and those wishing to deepen their own self-understanding and learn more about Hakomi.

Date and Times
Saturday 25 November: 10 am — 5:30pm
Sunday 26 November: 10 am — 4:30pm

Super Early Bird – $295 (paid by 23 September 2017)
Early Bird – $349 (paid by 28 October 2017), thereafter $395
Full time student – $225 (paid by 28 October 2017)
No cancellations or refunds after 11 November 2017

Mercy Place, Macrae Rd at 371 Simpson Rd, Bardon
Accommodation available at: www.mercyplace.org.au