Hakomi Workshop

Working with Trauma in the Body

A three-day workshop with Jules Morgaine

MELBOURNE: Fri 8 Sep—Sun 10 Sep 2017










Trauma is defined as an experience in which one is overwhelmed by a situation one perceives to be life-threatening and which leaves one feeling helpless and out of control. The effects of unresolved trauma can be life-limiting at best, debilitating and destructive at worst. This kind of experience does not always fit with the socially defined concept of trauma. Many life experiences create this same sense within the individual even when there is not an identifiable external situation.

Disconnection from the body is a common response to trauma. As traumatic memory is stored in the physiology it is necessary to re-establish a connection to the body in order for the healing process to be effective. Mindfulness as used in Hakomi Body-Centred Somatic Psychology enables one to develop body awareness in order to renegotiate and heal trauma.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • Models of traumatisation
  • Long term effects of trauma
  • What is required at different stages of the trauma recovery process
  • Skills for developing self-capacities
  • Use of Mindfulness for trauma treatment
  • Ways to decrease traumatic activation in the body
  • Skills for working with sensations/felt sense
  • Somatic sequencing techniques

This workshop is designed to support those working with clients presenting with trauma, both developmental and perpetrated by other. It should be noted that while there will be resourcing techniques taught it will not provide space for processing of trauma within participants.

Date and Time:
Friday 8 September: 9.00am — 4.30pm
Saturday 9 September: 9.00am — 4.30pm
Sunday 10 September: 9.00pm — 3.30pm

$425 Early Bird – finishes 31 July 2017
$495 Full Fee. Scholorships on request.

Australian Shiatsu College, MELBOURNE
103 Evans Street, Brunswick Victoria 3056
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