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    Upcoming Workshops

    Wisdom of the Bodymind: attending & befriending

    Sat 19 Jun—Sun 20 Jun 2021

    Increasingly, there is recognition that something is missing if we do not include a somatic body-based connection in therapy. The body is a powerful storehouse of unconscious wisdom.Through the practice of presencing and tracking, we are able to increase mindful awareness. These approaches and skills allow for emergent possibilities, more freedom, and a sense of coming home to who we really are.

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    Coming Home – An Introduction to Hakomi

    Sat 17 Jul—Sat 17 Jul 2021

    Hakomi invites you to come home to being “more of who you really are” by welcoming whatever is here right now and exploring present moment experience through the dynamic use of mindfulness.  Along with other Hakomi techniques this creates a direct but gentle access route to the unconscious beliefs and patterns that negatively impact the way we live and relate to ourselves and others.

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    Deep Listening in Loving Presence: An Introduction to Hakomi

    Sat 11 Sep—Sat 11 Sep 2021

    In order to create an environment where these deeply held emotional and social habits can be transformed and integrated, the therapist needs to cultivate the capacity to attune to the client in a right brain to right brain resonance. This is a practice of deep listening in mindfulness with loving presence, and forms the essence of the healing relationship.

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    About Hakomi

    Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy is a mindfulness-based approach to self-understanding. Not simply part of the ‘tool kit’ in Hakomi, mindfulness forms the very foundation of the therapeutic encounter. Much more than a method or set of techniques, Hakomi is a way of looking at the world that is compassionate, mindful, curious, non-invasive, humorous and respectful.

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    Professional Training Sydney

    The Sydney Hakomi Professional Training is now being offered over 3 levels, making it more accessible to a wider variety of professions and disciplines. To start your journey in this unique and powerful therapeutic modality, the Sydney Hakomi Team invites you to apply for Level 1 Hakomi Fundamental Relationship Skills, commencing in Sydney in May 2021.

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    We offer ongoing opportunities to experience the Hakomi approach. These workshops are stand-alone events in their own right and also form part of the prerequisite for application to the Hakomi Professional Training. Most offer a blend of professional development and personal growth, presented by local and international trainers.

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    Professional Training Perth

    We are pleased to confirm that the fifth Perth Hakomi professional skills training is scheduled to begin in February 2019 in Perth. This is a seven module training, each module consisting 9 days, teaching the full Hakomi Institute curriculum. On completion students will graduate from the Hakomi Institute (USA).

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