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    Upcoming Workshops

    Innate Somatic Intelligence™ Trauma Therapy Approach

    Wed 4 Dec—Sun 8 Dec 2024

    Innate Somatic Intelligence™ Trauma Therapy (ISITTA™) is a somatic integrative therapeutic modality that addresses how trauma in the body can be safely released and awaken innate healing capacities. The ISITTA trauma work focuses on key somatic trauma practices that can be easily integrated into other therapy modalities. Based on the Hakomi method and principles, the ISITTA work gives the therapist the much-needed somatic tools to help clients integrate their trauma experiences. This immersive training has a dual purpose: train the therapists to be self-regulated and somatically wise, whilst working with C-PSTD trauma states and building a somatic trauma repertoire.

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    Listening to the Body with Mindfulness: Exploring Somatic Awareness

    Sat 25 May—Sun 26 May 2024

    In Hakomi, the body is seen as a “map of the psyche” — a door that can be opened to reveal all our unconscious patterns and beliefs and how they impact the way we live and relate to ourselves and others.  Mindfulness is how we become present and tune into the body. Listening to and exploring the body’s intelligence with curiosity and openness offers deeper insight, clarity and self-awareness than is available through just talking. 

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    About Hakomi

    Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy is a mindfulness-based approach to self-understanding. Not simply part of the ‘tool kit’ in Hakomi, mindfulness forms the very foundation of the therapeutic encounter. Much more than a method or set of techniques, Hakomi is a way of looking at the world that is compassionate, mindful, curious, non-invasive, humorous and respectful.

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    Professional Training Melbourne 2023

    The Melbourne Hakomi Professional Training is now being offered over 3 levels, making it more accessible to a wider variety of professions and disciplines. To start your journey in this unique and powerful therapeutic modality, the Melbourne Hakomi Team invites you to apply for Level 1 Hakomi Fundamental Relationship Skills, commencing in Melbourne in October 2023. Find out more…


    We offer ongoing opportunities to experience the Hakomi approach. These workshops are stand-alone events in their own right and also form part of the prerequisite for application to the Hakomi Professional Training. Most offer a blend of professional development and personal growth, presented by local and international trainers.

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