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Learn the Hakomi Method of Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

HAKOMI IS THE LEADING mindful, somatic psychotherapy in Australia. By combining mindfulness, fundamental principles and a precise methodology, Hakomi creates an extraordinarily effective path towards emotional and psychological transformation.

NOT ONLY A REFINED METHOD of Psychotherapy and a specific set of techniques, Hakomi also provides a view of how to be in the role of the therapist with compassion and a mindful, curious attitude towards our clients and ourselves. By recognising and cultivating loving presence and compassion as an essential element of the method the Hakomi practitioner reaches beyond the usual skill set of therapist into “being” with the client. Our goal is to turn out therapists who are as dedicated to fully understanding their own process as they are to the understanding of others.

THE HAKOMI METHOD has been taught internationally for over 40 years, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

EACH HAKOMI TRAINING teaches the entire curriculum of the Hakomi Method, as outlined by the Educational Board of the Hakomi Institute, a non-profit educational organisation based in Boulder, Colorado.

Goals of the Training are:

  1. A deep understanding of the principles of the Hakomi Method and the ability to work with them.
  2. An understanding of the organisation of personality and character, and the ability to use this understanding discriminatingly.
  3. An understanding of the various maps of the therapeutic process and the ability to use those maps and Hakomi techniques precisely and appropriately.
  4. An understanding of one’s own personhood as an instrument for therapy.

Brisbane Hakomi Training

The full Hakomi Training in Australia consists of three levels. Brisbane is only offering Level 1 at this

LEVEL 1 – Hakomi Fundamental Relationship Skills
Four 3-day modules in person, plus three 2-hour webinars between modules

LEVEL 2 – Hakomi Professional Skills Training – Only in Sydney
Four 6-day modules in person, plus three 2-hour webinars between modules

LEVEL 3 – Hakomi Advanced Clinical Skills – Only in Sydney
Three 6-day modules in person, plus two 2-hour webinars.

For More Information

For more general information about the Hakomi Professional Training, including details about the Hakomi method, training curriculum, teaching methodology and training staff please download the Hakomi Professional Training Brochure.

For more detailed information about this intake of the Brisbane Hakomi Professional Training, including costs, curriculum, venue and teaching staff, please download the Hakomi Brisbane Information Brochure.

To register your interest in this training and to request an application form for Level 1, Contact Us.

Level 1 – Hakomi Fundamental Relationship Skills


The aim of Level 1 Fundamentals is to train psychotherapists and allied health professionals in the fundamental building blocks of the Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy method. Emphasis is on the development of the self in connection. Hakomi tools can be applied to therapy, allied health, business settings, coaching, education, and other healing modalities. 

Level 1 is a prerequisite to undertaking Level 2 training in Hakomi Professional Skills. However, it is also open to those who wish to learn some of the fundamental relationship skills of Hakomi to apply in their current work, but who may not wish to continue on to Level 2, or are unsure about whether they want to pursue further training in Hakomi. As such, it can be taken as a stand-alone training in therapeutic relationship skills.

Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Doctors, Bodyworkers, Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Coaches, Human Resource Managers, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Cranial-Sacral Therapists, Teachers and other related professions.

Module 1:  
Friday 1st March – Sunday 3rd March 2024
Module 2: Friday 19th April – Sunday 21st April 2024
Module 3:  Friday 31st May – Sunday 2nd June 2024
Module 4: Friday 19th July – Sunday 21st July 2024

Modules 1 – 4 are in-person at the venue. In addition, there will be 3 x 2-hour Zoom Webinars in between the modules, which will be recorded.

Lavalla Centre, 58 Fernberg Rd, Paddington, QLD 4064.

Training Staff:

  • Pernilla Siebenfreund, Hakomi Trainer, Brisbane
  • Karen Baikie, Hakomi Trainer, Sydney
  • Deb Algar, Certified Hakomi Teacher, Sydney
  • Judy Robinson, Teacher in Training, Brisbane
  • Hakomi Graduate Assistants

Each module will be led by one or two of the Trainer/Teacher staff, together with Assistants. Please note that not all Trainers and/or Teachers will be present at each module. Further details of which teaching staff will run each module will be given as the training level approaches. 


  • Setting the frame for learning and group cohesion 
  • Skills for respectful and mindful relationship
  • The Hakomi principles and overview of the Hakomi method
  • Mindfulness as self-study
  • Relevant neuroscience of mindfulness in the therapeutic process
  • Therapist self-awareness and precise tracking skills 
  • Cultivating loving presence in dyadic relationship
  • Principles of a Hakomi healing relationship
  • Somatic resourcing for self-regulation in dyadic exchange
  • Mindful practices for emotional self-regulation
  • Self-practices for cultivating a grounded therapist seat
  • Tracking tools to read the subtle cues of the body
  • Skills for contacting the present moment
  • Understanding how attachment styles impact relationships
  • Attunement skills for cultivating a healing relationship
  • Deepening the process by accessing emotions and sensations
  • Skills to facilitate and navigate subtle processes in therapy
  • Facilitating safety and managing deep emotional processes towards resourcing
  • Differentiating categories of human experience
  • Managing states of consciousness in the client
  • Meaning making, integration and completion techniques

For more detailed information on the Curriculum, please download the Hakomi Professional Training Brochure.

Early Bird Payment: $3600 + GST ($3960)
Standard Payment: $4000 + GST ($4400)
Standard Instalment Payments: $4100 + GST ($4510)

For more information on payments, please download the Hakomi Brisbane Information Brochure.

Attendance at one Hakomi workshop, or equivalent experience and background, as determined on application.

Applications for Level 1 is now open to register your interest and request an application form, contact the Organiser at