Hopi Language Origin

How is the Hakomi Institute responding to concerns that the name Hakomi was culturally appropriated?

At the Hakomi Institute, we hear these concerns and are committed to exploring them with cultural humility. Given the strong emotions and unhealed trauma that discussions around diversity, equity and inclusion can stir, we also feel it’s important to address these concerns in ways that honor Hakomi’s core principles and practices of loving presence, mindfulness and nonviolence.

Some members of our worldwide community believe that the Hakomi name was received in a sacred transmission that was given to us rather than appropriated from others. Others in our community feel that the Hakomi name has been culturally appropriated from the Hopi people and want us to rename our work.

To begin this exploration, the Hakomi Institute’s board of directors has agreed to take the following initial actions:

  • Appoint a board advisory committee to inform any actions we take
  • Require education in cultural appropriation for our board of directors and other faculty and staff who will be involved in making decisions around this issue, and
  • Dialogue with the Hopi Tribal Council and/or Hopi social justice workers to explore their perspective on our use of the word hakomi, including any potential impact it might have on the Hopi people.

We’re sure that more steps will arise organically from these initial actions and will keep the community informed of our progress.