Hakomi Workshop

Body-Mind Interplay: An Experiential Introduction to Hakomi

A one-day workshop with Pernilla Siebenfreund

BRISBANE: Sun 4 Feb, 9:30 am—5:30 pm

“Staying in Contact with the Body Is Staying in Contact with a Deeper knowing”

[Marilyn Morgan]

Inside our bodies resides a wealth of wisdom, formed by experiences throughout our lives, especially during our formative years, but also from other significant events.

Not all of these events are autobiographically remembered, so they can be difficult to access, unless we access them on a bodily level.

When the client is telling their story, the Hakomi therapist pays close attention to how the client’s body is expressing itself, and then supports the client in becoming mindfully aware of these bodily expressions.

Through the client’s mindful attention and immersion in their inner experiences, deeply held limiting core beliefs can be brought into the present moment to be processed and transformed.

For this process to be safe and expansive for the client, the Hakomi therapist embodies loving presence, as well as the five underlying principles of Hakomi.

In this one-day introductory workshop to Hakomi, you will:

  • Learn about the 5 principles of Hakomi
  • Start to get a sense of how to track the body
  • Experience how your body remembers
  • Witness a demonstration of a live Hakomi session

This experiential workshop is suitable for anyone who is interested in getting a taste of Hakomi, and it meets the pre-requisite requirement for attending the Hakomi Level 1 training in Brisbane.

Dates & Times:
Sunday 4 February 2024:    9:30am — 5:30pm

Super Early Bird (paid by 15 Dec 2023): $249
Early Bird (paid by 15 Jan 2024): $295
Full Fee (thereafter): $349
Students/concessions: $200
All fees include GST.

No cancellation refunds after 26 January 2024

PDP: 6 hrs

BrisWest Centre, 132 Latrobe Terrace,
Paddington, QLD 4064


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